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Cancer Cells Cannot Survive In an Alkaline Environment

Alkaline Diet for Cancer: Cancer Cells Cannot Survive In an Alkaline Environment

Maintaining a diet that promotes an alkaline pH within the body is good protection against cancer. When a person eats this kind of diet, the natural pH balance will lean more towards the alkaline side of the scale, instead of the acid level of the scale.

Unfortunately, all too often a person’s pH tends to be too acidic, making a good alkaline cancer treatment even more important. Many people believe that an alkaline pH can not only protect the body against cancer, but can even help to cure it once it has developed.

What is an Alkaline Diet?

Many people become confused in regards to alkaline and acid diets because they think that it refers to the actual pH level of the food itself. This is not the case, as some foods which are highly acidic in their natural form, such as lemons and limes, actually have an alkaline effect on the body. An alkaline diet usually involves eating minimal amounts of meats, dairy products, white flour and white sugar, because these foods have a very acidic reaction on the body’s pH level. Instead, the diet usually focuses heavily on fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts such as almonds, and soy products, because they leave an alkaline ash within the body.

How Does an Alkaline Diet Affect Cancer Cells?

Studies have shown that in the test tube, cancer cells and tumors thrive and grow in a more acidic environment. When the level of acid is lowered, tumors grow much more slowly. If this behavior occurs in the test tube, it stands to reason that cancer cells in the body would also be detrimentally affected by an overall alkaline environment. It would also make sense that if the body’s pH is acidic, then the growth of cancer cells and tumors would be encouraged. By eating mostly foods that make the body’s pH more alkaline, there would be less of a chance for cancer cells to develop and grow. So, by adjusting the diet, it is actually possible to create a less hospitable environment for cancer cells, thus improving a person’s chances of experiencing good health.

Other Alkaline Benefits

Cancer cells also do not grow well in the presence of oxygen. When oxygen levels are low, cancer cells have more of an opportunity to thrive and multiple. When body tissues have a high alkaline level, they are able to hold much more oxygen as compared to tissues with a high acid level. A high alkaline level within the body also makes it easier for cells to discard waste and toxins. As a result, tissues and cells within the body are more susceptible to damage and unhealthy conditions if the body’s pH is too acidic. By maintaining an alkaline pH, you’ll be helping to protect your body’s cells in addition to discouraging the development and growth of cancerous cells.

Tips for Maintaining an Alkaline Cancer Cure Diet

Although it’s not necessary to give up all meat and dairy products, you should definitely minimize your consumption of them. You can also counteract the acidic effects of certain foods by combining them properly with other foods. Most people find many benefits in a good alkaline cancer diet that is rich in fruit and other high alkaline foods.

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  1. Not only can cancer not survive on an alkaline diet, but candida and parasites can't survive either.

    I am now on an alkaline diet to try and cure my candida/parasites once and for all.

    1. What are the diet you are trying on to get rid of candida? I google around and found this natural way to cure candida,take raw garlic - crush a few cloves and mix it into your salad dressing.

      You can also try 1-2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar daily.
      (check this page -

      Eat less white sugar, less white flour, less processed foods and drink more water.